Advertising and sponsorship

Advertising and sponsorship are important to HMDJ in helping us to provide value for our users. Our users and customers expect HMDJ to be trustworthy, independent and to have integrity. Our advertising and sponsorship should support that expectation and these guidelines are to ensure the ethical boundaries as expected by regulatory bodies.

  • HMDJ accepts advertising for medical or health related products and services that are of interest to users in their personal and as well as professional These advertisements or sponsorship should be decent, legal, truthful and comply with the relevant laws, regulations and industry codes for the geographic area in which they appear.
  • HMDJ does not allow advertising or sponsorship to influence editorial decisions.
  • The advertisement features need to conform to HMDJ specifications and published in such a way that readers should immediately be able to distinguish between advertising and editorial content.
  • The advertisements and sponsorship should be delivered in Any surreptitious or subliminal advertising is not allowed.
  • The sponsored content should be clearly identifiable and nature of any commercial relationship must be transparent to our
  • Online advertising or sponsorship should not impede users’ access to editorial content.
  • Journal accept advertising and sponsorship from competitors
  • Advertising and sponsorship are subject to editorial oversight.