Instructions to Authors

All manuscripts should conform to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editor's (ICMJE) recommendations and Life and Science's instructions to author. Only online submissions are accepted by Life and Science. The manuscript should be submitted in word document format by the corresponding author through online Open Journal System (OJS) along with signed certificates for AuthorshipDeclarationConflict of Interest and Checklist. The corresponding author will be responsible for ensuring that the article has been spell checked and grammar checked. The manuscript must include structured abstract, figures, tables, boxes and appendices that are necessary in reporting the study findings in accordance with study design. Word counts are limited (refer to Article Type).


Article Type
The following types of manuscripts are accepted at Life and Science journal:

Original Article
The original articles must be relevant to the aim and scope of the journal. It should have a structured abstract with 3 - 6 keywords as per MeSH and not more than 6 tables or figures. The data should be supported with no more than 30 references, majority of which should be from last five years. Manuscript should not exceed 3000 words.

  • Systematic review / Meta-analysis
    Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of clinical trials must be reported according to PRISMA or QUOROM guidelines. It should not exceed 4000 words and should have an abstract of 450 - 500 words.
  • Clinical trials
    According to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editor's recommendations (ICMJE), only registered clinical trials ( will be consider for publication in Life and Science.
    Reports of trial must conform to the CONSORT guidelines and should be submitted with their protocols.
  • Observational Studies
    Observational studies including cohort, case-control and cross sectional studies, are an important part of clinical research paradigm but are vulnerable to bias and discriminatory reporting. Its highly recommended to conform to STROBE checklist while reporting these studies. Manuscript should not exceed 3000 words and should have an abstract of 300 words.

Review Article
A review article should consist of critical overview/analysis of a topic of interest providing the background and recent developments with reference to original literature. It should not exceed 4000 words with 50 references and should have an abstract of no more than 300 words with 3 - 6 key words as per MeSH.

Case Reports
Life and Science accepts academic and unusual reports of clinical cases as well as articles about real cases for publication. Case reports should not exceed 1800 words with 10 -15 references and maximum five tables / figures / photomicrographs. All authors of case reports are required to fill in the CARE checklist and attach it with their case reports.

Short Communication
Short communication should be complete work, not merely a preliminary report. It should not exceed more than 2000 words with maximum two figures / table with an abstract of no more than 200 words and 12-15 references.

Letters to the editor may include academic opinions related to articles published in Life and Science within the last three months. The Editor reserves the right to rephrase/condense/redact according to the journal policy and sends for peer review if the letter contains scientific data. A letter may be directed to concerned author for a reply which may also be published. A letter should not be more than 500 words, without headings, include not more than five references and should be signed by all the authors (maximum three are allowed).

Terms of Submissions
Manuscript must be submitted on the understanding that they are unpublished and are currently not under consideration by another journal. The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the article's publication has been approved by all the coauthors. In case of multicenter studies, it is the responsibility of each author to obtain approval of the relevant institution. An acknowledgment from the editorial office officially establishes the date of receipt. All correspondence and proofs will be sent to corresponding author unless otherwise indicated. It is a condition of submission of a paper that the authors permit editing of the paper for readability.

All authors should meet the conditions specified by the ICMJE and COPE guidelines . Relevant contributions must be declared for each author which may include study conception and design, acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation of data, drafting of manuscript and critical revision at the end of article.